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W.G. Tucker & Associates, Inc.
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W. G. Tucker & Associates, Inc. understands that each business sector has its own peculiar requirements relative to the type of managers and professionals who can be effective as leaders and we translate that knowledge into a recruitment strategy that brings about results in a timely manner.

W. G. Tucker & Associates, Inc. has excellent research tools and a unique approach to identifying and attracting candidates for our clients opportunities.  What distinguishes us from other “boutique” executive search firms and diversity firms is our unique ability to deliver a truly diverse slate of candidates for any position.  We have the expertise to deliver consistently excellent and timely results, making certain that you select from the “best and the brightest” talent available.

The constantly changing landscape of today’s global business, the technology driven innovations, the need to diversify the workplace, the desire for financial growth, ever-changing regulations and compliance requirements mandate that an organization’s executive search partner not only understand the job requirements but also the business realities and challenges.  This requires a business partner who can do a credible job in presenting the challenges and attracting the best-qualified candidates to your opportunity.  

After all the bottom line for most companies and organizations, when it comes to an executive search firm, is “can you deliver the talent we need to fill this key position in as little time as possible and within our projected salary budget”.  That’s what we do at W. G. Tucker & Associates.